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This page updated 6/29/2023

Potted Pond Plants 

Lotus                                                       $75.00

Lilies    (Light Pink and Yellow)               $35.00

Wanvisa Lilly                                           $45.00

Mayla Lilly                                               $45.00

King Blue Lilly

Stuffed koi $1.00 each, several 

Replacement filter sponges $10.00 set, 2 available

Faux rocks to cover skimmers/wares $100.00 each, 3 available

Large light brown faux rock 26" L x 26” W x 3" H

Small light brown 24" Length x 24" Width x 5" Height

Due to the naturalistic stone form design, the lids are not symmetrical measurements can vary

Used 25 watt uv light, fits Savio skimmers $50.00, (needs new bulb in stock $30.00)

PH or salt meters, several available $5.00 each

You can rest assured our fish are of superb quality. Every fish we sell

has been quarantined, treated with constant care and checked to make sure they meet the highest of standards. We have a very personal goal of making sure your WayCool experience is a great one! We actually do care if you come back.

We sold out of fish at this time.


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